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Today was a huge experience.
This “experience” you ask?
Modestep were inside of me. They dropped their super loud bass (louder than my mother when I forget to tell her that we’ve run out of milk) inside of me and I don’t even care.

Lostprophets were phenomenal, too, although after teasing the crowd for shouting “Godzilla!”, and not actually playing the song they referred to (for those who don’t understand, it refers to “We are Godzilla, You are Japan”) it felt like a slap in the face. Oh well, they played Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja, so that was an amazing compromise.
As weirdly paced as the set felt it was still astonishing, with a decent variety of songs (surprisingly a lot from album no. 2, Start Something, which was great)

I’m not joking, though. Modestep were fucking loud and managed to make themselves a hundred times more rock-y and heavier live, and I swear this has turned into a review of sorts.

I’m going to go and stop my throat feeling like it’s been punched now, and I’m going to check that my glasses haven’t been mauled by the feet of a few hundred sweaty people.

Also, to the people I was with, thanks for a good time!

I have learnt today that if I ever need to go to sleep, but can’t, I should just listen to some synthpop.
It’s not always my sort of thing, but I’ve only recently gained some proper interest in poppier electronic music, so I decided to listen to Lights.

So nice. So calm. Not something I can listen to for long periods of time though :(

G’night, everybody.

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